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We want to hear your voice! 

Please submit your response by July 13, 2024

What age range do you represent?
Youth (ages 15 - 20)
Community Member (all ages)
Senior / Elders (ages 65+)

Please share your feedback as part of the Organizational Review currently being conducted at MCFN.

The purpose of this online form is to gather your thoughts, concerns and ideas about:

·        The community

·        Administration

·        Chief & Council

·        Programs

·        Opportunities

·        And anything else related to the MCFN Community


We want to hear your thoughts and feelings about the current state of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. We want your insights about what is going well. What do you think needs to be changed, done better, more of, or differently? What do you want to see happen for this community?


The Organizational Review is a process that was initiated by Chief and Council to gather data and insight about the community from the people who are the experts about their community. Where are you going as a community? What barriers keep you from the change you’d like to see? Through this review and your participation, we will present Council with the findings and note all priorities for change and progress. Your participation will be kept confidential


This process is facilitated by Spear-Rhodes Ltd.

We are your voice to Council and Leadership. 

We have been asking everyone the following 5 questions:

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